Wraith of Odin Today

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Apart from her the stringent continuing maintenance program, preservation of Wraith of Odin immaculate condition is supported by her award winning covers. As any owner of a yacht with bright work (varnished timber) will attest, protection from sun damage is vital to preserve that just new “like a piece of furniture” quality for exterior varnished surfaces.

 Wraith cover 1 Wraith cover 2


The Marine Fabricators Association is an international association that invites annual entries for a “best of ” competition. In 2014 Wraith of Odin cover , illustrated above, was awarded the the award for “Outstanding Achievement in the Exterior projects/ Full cover”. (article here). This award represents international recognition that Wraith of Odin’s covers are state of the art.

Davids Custom Trimmers Circle Logo webThe award winning cover was created by David Elliot and his team at David’s Custom trimmers.

Keith is more than happy to endorse Dave’s service (testimonial to come)

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