Wooden Boat Humor

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Nautical definitions:

Chart – A type of map which shows exactly where you are aground.

Crew – Heavy, stationary objects used on shipboard to hold down charts, anchor cushions in place and dampen sudden movements of the boom.

Bulkhead – Discomfort suffered by sailors who drink too much.

Boom –      Called boom for the sound that’s made when it hits crew in the head on its way across the boat.
For slow crew, it’s called ‘boom, boom.’

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 Words of wisdom:

The homeless old man said, “I spent half my fortune on boats and wild women. The other half I wasted.”


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Classic signs:

Seen on a signboard by the dock side where a large old sailing lugger was being worked on.

Yes, it is made of wood.
Yes, we are restoring it.
Yes it will take a long time.
Please engage brain before asking questions.

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Hagar 001

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