Documentation,historical and restoration

The Alden letters

Letters  from Alden’s design office 1947 -1950

Original Blueprints

The four  surviving blueprints from the build. (original postal envelope also presented)

Original design specifications

Specification sheets and lists of drawings used for Wraith. These documents explicitly and implicitly show the close relationship of the 0823 deign to is 0756 Malabar XIII predecessor.

Restoration plans, Alden

Plans supplied form Alden’s office  for the restoration. (The available plans were limited due to a fire at Alden’s offices some years ago)

Restoration plans ,new

Plans drawn for the restoration at the time. The selection of a sail plan in detail.

Restoration plans Alden

To plan an authentic restoration original plans were sought from the Alden design office. A fire at the office had reduced substantially the documents and drawings available.
Some of the supplied copies  were for other vessels of the  the 0823 design.

spear original
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