179th Australia Day Regatta Sydney Harbour 2015

The Australia Day Regatta Sydney Harbor 2015
Prior to the Regatta:

In December 2014 Wraith of Odin was delivered to Sydney Harbour in time to participate in the Sydney Hobart Race (SHR) pre-start Parade of Sail. She had sailed her first SHR in 1952 and subsequently sailed 4 more.  Wraith  of Odin participated in CYCA Rolex 2014 SHR Parade of Sail. (report here) The initial plan had been to return to her home port of Brisbane but having made the effort to sail her the 400 Nm south to Sydney owner Keith Glover and the delivery crew decided to remain in Sydney and join in the notable classics’ events that are held early in the new year.

Moored at Woolwich:

After completing the Boxing Day Parade of Sail Wraith of Odin was moored at Woolwich docks. This now permanently flooded man made dry dock is, despite its industrial heritage, a hidden jewel in the harbor. The vertical rock excavation allowed for some very impressive photography.

woolwich map

Woolwich Mooring Jan 2015-15

“Morts Dock and Engineering Company, which operated a successful dock at Balmain, purchased the site in 1898. A local company, W. Solomon & Sons excavated 85,000 cubic metres of sandstone to construct the new dry dock. When it opened in December 1901 Woolwich Dock was the largest in Australia, 188 metres long and 27 metres wide. A pumphouse was brought out in parts from England to operate the dock. Morts used the Atlas workshops, moved the boiler shop, established a foundry and built several jetties. The dock was lengthened over the years to its present 260 metres.”

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Extract of post-event report by Peter Campbell from Sail World.com here
The 179th Australia Day Regatta:

The official Regatta website states:

“The Australia Day Regatta, proudly acclaimed as the oldest continuously-conducted annual sailing regatta in the world**, has been conducted each year since 1837 to commemorate the anniversary of the first European settlement of Australia. Originally known as the Anniversary Regatta, this colourful event is held on Sydney Harbour, where it began, and also at other locations in New South Wales and offshore. Boats taking part range from large ocean-racing yachts to 18 foot skiffs and radio controlled model yachts. In recent years some 700 vessels have taken part in the Australia Day Regatta making it one of the highlights of the celebrations on Australia Day each year.”

The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron, on behalf of the Australia Day Regatta Inc., organised the Regatta on Sydney Harbour for keel yachts. The fleets included classic yachts, modern yachts, one-design classes, modern and traditional skiffs. The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia conducted the City of Sydney Sesquicentenary Ocean Race to Botany Bay and return.

chart a4

LInk to Chartlet of Event

SI available here

Wraith of Odin entered the Division 1 Classics fleet:

Wraith of Odin departed the mooring and then motored east to the Harbour Bridge. There she joined the parade of ferries, tall ships naval craft and private motor and sailing vessels. The waterway past Circular Quay was packed with boats. The HMAS Canberra was the flagship for the Regatta and was stationary at Circular Quay as Wraith of Odin motored by. The Canberra later moored just West of the racecourse. The course for the Classic yachts was a modest 5.5 Nm. The course zigzagged across the Eastern Harbour and was demanding. There were 28 classic yachts racing; 14 each in of divisions 1 and 2.

ADRD entrants_Page_1
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The Division one yachts started at 13:35 with subsequent divisions starting at 5-minute intervals. This arrangement meant that the 60 or so boats due to start over 20 mins were congregated in the small patch of Harbour to the South of Shark Island. link entry pdf here

The Breeze was a puffy 10 to 15 knots of southeaster. As expected with a steep sided landform, the wind direction varied significantly as breeze was funnelled down the Harbour inlets. The racing was close for the whole of the first leg with the 60 ft Fidelis holding the lead and a group of yachts including Wraith of Odin, Vittoria and Fagel Grip following. This group stayed tight until the Obelisk Bay Mark. After that rounding the 1.75 Nm windward leg was in more open water and the yachts enjoyed a 12 to 15 knot breeze. Fidelis led Wraith by 2.5 minutes and the pair stretched away from the fleet. Fidelis held her margin till the finish by which time Wraith of Odin was 3 minuets ahead of Vittoria and 4.5 minuets ahead of Fagel Grip.

Winner on corrected time Wraith of Odin:

First boat over the line Fidelus had an elapsed time of 68 mins. Wraith of Odin was placed first on corrected time. The corrected time margin of 10 mins (in a race or 70 mins) did reflect the generosity of the handicapper. However had Wraith had the same handicap that was applied to the 30sq meter yacht Fagel Grip she would still have won well on corrected time. Her crew were more than satisfied that she had earned her win.

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A proud race record:

In 2010 Wraith of Odin won the Auckland Anniversary Regatta and was present with eth Agnes Cup . (This trophy was first presented to the vessel Agnes in 1862 for its divisional win in the Regatta) To the best of our knowledge no other yacht has won both the Auckland Anniversary regatta and the Australia Day Regatta

 Results Table:

Australia Day Regatta 2015

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Race 1   (26/01/2015)  Trivett Bespoke Prestige Automotive

Division 1 PHSTCF results Start : 13:35
 Sail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdETOrdAHCCor’d TPlace
CYC55WRAITH OF ODINKeith Glover14:46:2501:11:2520.800057:081
MH28EUDORIAJohn Sturrock14:53:3701:18:3750.858301:07:292
A15WATHARABilly Loader14:56:1101:21:1160.843501:08:293
336VITTORIAAlan Reece14:49:4501:14:4530.932501:09:424
R20ANTARAIan Kortlang14:57:3401:22:3480.847701:10:005
45FIDELISNigel Stoke14:43:4001:08:4011.027901:10:356
2SJOROGary Ferres14:56:4101:21:4170.868401:10:567
3976GUSTOPhillip Denison15:01:2801:26:28100.823001:11:108
4664FAGEL GRIPJerry Lees14:51:2501:16:2540.937801:11:409
A16MISTER CHRISTIANDavid Salter14:57:5201:22:5290.873101:12:2110
38SOUTHERLYRob McAuley15:03:0101:28:01120.824001:12:3211
A26CELESTERob Evans15:02:4301:27:43110.862301:15:3812
A38EVENTIDEJames Merrington0.8006DNC
137DUETJames Dalgleish0.8300DNF


(photos of trophies here to come)


** Longstanding Sailing Regattas around the world:
  • The Australia Day Regatta held on Sydney harbour was first conducted in 1837 and held annual continuously since.
  • The Hobart Regatta first held in 1838 and held on the Derwent River continuously with the exception of cancellation in 1967 due to the tragic bush-fires that ravaged South East Tasmania.
  • The Auckland Anniversary Regatta held on Waitemata Harbour was first held in 1840 and conducted annually with the exception of cancellation in 1900 due to the Boer War.
  • The America’s Cup contest first held in 1851.



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