Restoration plans, Alden

To plan an authentic restoration original plans were sought from the Alden design office. A fire at the office had reduced substantially the documents and drawings available. Some of the supplied copied  were for other vessels of the  the 0823 design.

Original 0823 plans

823 iron keel plan



 Iron keel plan

This is identical to the blue print on file. This plan is listed in the the “designs supplied”  list as plan id 121 drawn by Clifford Swain. In his leeters John Alden mentionsed his preerance for this over a lead keel for his design 0823. (click on label image to see plan)




823-e squarehead II cabin arrangement


Cabin plan

In the absence of 0823-c plans this cabin arrangement was supplied  by Adlen’s office. It was originally drafted in 1947 and the file lost. A copy was produced in 1953  by the same draftsman.(click on label image to see plan)


Prelim sections  and Prelim deck plan

823-f prelim sections823-f prliminary deck plan

Again 0823-c plans were not available and 0823-f plans were supplied.  Note  the records show 0823-a thru e were built. 0823-f plan was not used for a vessel.(click on each label image to see plan)

0823-c sailplan

823-c sail plan



This is identical to the blueprint supplied for Wraith of Odin. Alden expressed some disappointment that Dr O’Brien had opted for a stem head rig over the bowsprit. He also mentioned the possibility of extending the fore foot  no doubt to duplicate the balancing effect of a bowsprit. The original black and white has obvious damage from erasure and re-drawing consistent with  these discussions.
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