Restoration plans, new

97-02-01 deck plan


 The new deck plan

The restoration of Wraith of Odin was essentially a replacement of the entire deck. A detailed  deck plan was drawn for the purpose.



The sail plans

sailplan no spritsailplan sprit not usedsailplan sprit used

The 1st  plan is for a stem head fractional rig. The 2nd is for a bowsprit fractional. The third is for a bowsprit mast head rig.

These three plans are concrete testimony to the tug of war within Keith as he commissioned the restoration. Keith, the successful, highly competitive multihull sailor wanted a racing rig with every square foot of rag the boat would carry mounted on a rig that offed some racing control. Keith the classic boat restorer wanted a truthful restoration ofWraith of Odin.  Wraith of Odin’s original stem head sail plan seemed at odds to Keith’s understanding of Wraith’s Malabar XIII heritage.  He decided that she really deserved a bowsprit.  He sought advice from Alden’s office  and the faxed correspondence dated 1997 featured on the “design specification” page addressed the question of greater sail area.  Alden’s office  reminded Keith that original rig was mast head and also advised that better light wind performance would be expected with greater sail area as was the need for earlier reefing. The stem head fractional rig was true to Wraith’s original appearance , and more sail and a racing fractional rig. It was a compromise. The bowsprit fractional rig was true to Wraith’s Malabar XIII heritage and had more sail and a racing fractional rig. It was a compromise. Keith was not going to compromise the restoration. He chose the traditional masthead rig. He chose the Malabar heritage XIII bowsprit. He stuck in a taller rig with more sail. He reasoned that the sail area specified in 1945 was limited by the sail handling gear of the day. It was of great comfort to Keith to find that the “Alden letters” supported showed Alden’s own support for a bowsprit on 0823-c, Wraith.


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