The Handover

From the middle 1980s ‘Wraith of Odin had not moved from her mooring at Pittwater. It was there that that Keith Glover saw her. Keith credits her beautiful lines as one of the inspirations of his early adulthood that  lead to a lifelong passion for sailing.  Keith over a lifetime had developed a very successful sailing pedigree racing high performance multihulls including his yacht ‘Trilogy’.  Following Dr Brian O’Brien’s death his widow Dagmar reluctantly made Wraith of Odin available for sale.   Keith who was a life time admirer of the yacht  found himself moved by another , and more dangerous form of sailing passion, the passion to restore own and sail a classic timber yacht. Four factors influenced Keith’s decision to take on the restoration: the beauty and style of Wraith of Odin, the substantially original condition of the boat, the fact there was only one previous owner and, finally, that the original builder’s yard was still operating at Tuncurry beach Forster.

Keith who eventually developed a warm mutual respect with Dagmar relates how she was quite emotionally torn about the sale of Wraith of Odin. She wanted the yacht to have a chance to recover its glory and this could only happen by her going to a new owner who would lavish the money and attention required to achieve this. Dagmar had  an easily understandable  strong emotional bond with Wraith of Odin for the many ,happy, family, sailing memories associated with the Yacht.  Keith could also see at the time that Dagmar’s grief for her husband complicated her feelings for and judgement about Wraith of Odin.  ‘Wraith of Odin was shared with her husband but ‘Wraith’ was his boat, his lifetime yachting passion embodied. Wraith of Odin was, for Dagmar, a part of Brian that survived him. For Dagmar letting go of ‘Wraith ‘ was another painful wrench compounding the loss of her husband.

Keith felt in the early days of his ownership of Wraith of Odin that Dagmar could, and may never, not forgive him for taking the yacht away. However as time passed and Dagmar had incontrovertible evidence that Wraith of Odin was being handled with love respect and care.  Dagmar warmed to the reality that stewardship for her and Brian’s classic yacht has passed safely to Keith. Some time into the restoration, after Keith felt he was gaining Dagmar’s (limited) approval as the “new owner”  he asked if she still had any paperwork related to Wraith of Odin’s construction.  Dagmar pulled up the carpet from the front of her house to recover a worn original sail-plan blueprint. At a later date the orginal envelope and three additional blueprints were located.

 Blueprints can be seen on this web page





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