Original Blueprints

When Keith Glover purchased Wraith of Odin from Mrs Dagmar O’Brien he was keen to keep any documents about the boat that Dagmar was happy to pass on. Dagmar subsequently lifted the carpet at her home to recover a singe blueprint, the original sail-plan.  After purchasing Wraith of Odin in 1997 Keith asked builder Alf Jahnsen if he had any original documentation. His answer was yes but that locating any at his work place might prove a challenge. After Alf’s death Keith approached Alf’s son Harvey with a request that Harvey might be kind enough to have a rummage for old plans. After several attempts by Harvey and several polite reminders from Keith, Harvey turned up the original envelope and three blueprints . The envelope was at the bottom of a large disused Esky that housed an eclectic array of items. All four blueprints are available as large high resolution files. Linked below.

Alden envelope       alden envelope centre

 Postmark 1947

alden envelope postmark


 The blueprints recovered:

756 deck house detail blueprint



We know from the Alden letters that Dr O’Brien did receive a set of 0756 plans. We do not  know if this blueprint was included in his purchase of his “build set” of 0823-c. Other correspondence obtained from the Alden office  makes it very clear that several of the documents supplied for Wraith of Odin  were 0756 items. We do know that this very well worn blueprint was safely stored  with the principle 0823 blues and kept in the original envelope.

Wraith of Odin is a unique classic designed by John G Alden to her own plan set – 0823-c.  It is however  important to understand that her design  was closely related to her predecessor  Malabar XII and Malabar XIII designs.


823 offset table blueprint  823-c sail plan blueprint 823 keel plan blueprint


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