Wraith of Odin – launched 1951, designed by  John G Alden, Ketch  design 0823 (1945)

She was commissioned by Dr Brian and Mrs Dagmar O’Brien, built by Alf Jahnsen, Tuncurry, NSW in 1950-1951 to  Adlen design 0823c. This design followed on from the last of John G Alden’s Malabar  series, design 0756, the Malabar XIII. (The deck house lines of both yachts in the original plans are identical)( more detail to follow, some of the archival documents show close relationship between 0756 and 0823)

‘Wraith of Odin’ is carvel planked in 1 1/2 inch thick Brown Beech, is copper nailed and clenched to triple laminated Spotted Gum hardwood frames . She has a teak deck with varnished Rosewood margins with Cedar and Rosewood used on the raised cabin house with its distinctive Alden double windows. Between 1946 and 1951 5 examples of design 0823 were built.Wraith of Odin is Alden design number 0823C.

These vessels shared many of the lines of the slightly smaller 0756 design more generally known as Malabar XIII (after the first one completed and owned by Mr Alden himself). In fact some of the plans supplied by Alden’s to the original builder and again for the later restorations are labelled as 0756. The design specification sheets supplied were also labelled 0756.

These images relate to building Wraith of Odin

  • Packet from Alden with the plans

Original correspondence from John Alden to Dr O’Brien as well as drawings and specification sheets can be accessed via the archives page.


0756 extract from Alden design data base

756A53'940'814'37'455200KetchMalabar XIIIJohn G. Alden, Boston, MAGoudy & Stevens, E. Boothbay, ME1945
756B53'940'814'37'455200KetchAlbert Schenholm
756C53'940'814'37'455200KetchViscount Acloie, Kilgobbin, Limerick,IR1947
756D53'940'814'37'455200Sloop/ CutterDon Beauchamp, Seal Beach, CADon Beauchamp, Seal Beach, CA
756E53'940'814'37'455200Sloop/ CutterDesiderataLane Boatyard1975


0823 extract from Alden design database

82357'141'114'27'358250KetchR. W. Conrad, U.S.N., San Juan, P.R.1946
823B57'141'114'27'358250KetchViscount Adare, Limerick, IrelandIreland
823C57'141'114'27'358250KetchWraith Of OdinDr. Brian R. O'Brien, Sydney,AustraliaAlf Jahnsen, Foster Tuncurry Beach, Australia1950
823D57'141'114'27'358250KetchAlguePaule's FancyMr. Lavoue', Dinard, FranceChant. La Marchand, Le Minihic,France1951
823E57'141'114'27'358250KetchSquare Head IIAlbert Schenholm, Bradford, PA.Tuckerton Yacht Yd., Tuckerton, NJ.1951



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