The Southern Trust Classic Yacht Regatta

The Classic  Yacht Regatta conducted by the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand is the premier stand alone event each year for New Zealand.

The very first Classic Yacht Regatta was an International Classic Yacht Regatta organised by the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron in conjunction with the CYA and held in 2000 to coincide with New Zealand’s defence of the America’s Cup.  New Zealand had secured the cup in 1995  with “Black Magic” skippered by Russell Coutts.

The 2000 defence was successful with “Team New Zealand” again skippered by Coutts comprehensively beating “Prada Challenge”.

The second Classic Yacht Regatta was held one was in 2003, again to coincide with the America’s Cup . “Team New Zealand was defeated  by the Swiss challenger “Alinghi”. While New Zealand handed over the cup at least the challenger was helmed by New Zealand Skipper Russell Coutts.

In  2004 the CYANZ took over the entire organisation and sponsorship of the Regatta and have done so ever since. The regatta has been conducted annually with the exception of a cancellation in 2014 due to cyclonic weather related to Cyclone Lusi.

The 4 races of the Classic  comprised the majority of the 7 race  inaugural 2010Classic Challenge series.

Wraith of Odin placed second in the Classic Regatta in 2010.


classic nor



   The Classic Yacht Regatta 2010 NOR



classic report 2010


CYANZ report of the 2010 Classic Yacht Regatta





Wraith of Odin

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