The Agnes Cup

Wraith of Odin won the 2010 Auckland Anniversary Regatta Division A Classic event to secure The Agnes Cup

Agnes cup etched transparent canvas silver web 2The cup is a sterling silver trophy hallmarked 1861. It was presented to Mr Antonio Martin of the “Agnes ” for her win in the “Vessels from 20 to 45 tons”.

The Superintendent of Auckland (roughly equivalent  to an Australian State premier) Mr  John Williamson Esq. presented the cup. This trophy now called The Agnes cup has been in the custody of the Redgrade family for many years. In 2001 it was made available to the Auckland Anniversary Race (AAR) Committee by Mr Bill Redgrave. It was inscribed (on its base) with the words,”Agnes Cup Loaned by Bill Redgrave, donated to an outstanding event that transpires on the day chosen by the AAR Committee”

The Cup has been awarded to the winner of the Division A classic race from 2001 to the present . A full list of winners  is available here.

The vessel Agnes:

Agnes is mentioned  in 1861 in The Daily Southern Cross  Newspaper Auckland  as a costal trader hauling wood from Mahurangi to Auckland. Her owner was named as Mr Martin . She carried loads from 25 to 50 tons burden.
She was placed 3rd in her division of the Auckland Anniversary regatta of 1861. A copy of the results from the Newspaper of the day can be seen here. (Her result appears almost at the end of the clip.)
Agnes won her division in 1862 and was awarded the cup that now bears her name.  The information  from local newspapers tells us that by November 1863  Agnes  is now in the hands of a Mr Williams  and  her previous 0wner Mr Martin now runs  the  vessel “Comet” a smaller costal trader  carrying firewood. By the 1970s Agnes had been in a number of hands  and was carrying farm produce from the Poverty Bay 1876 Agnes back in the hands of Mr Martin  was described as almost completing her repainting and re-floating. It seems  she was re-rigged  as a Ketch and saw service until the 1890s.

The 1862 Auckland Anniversary Regatta:

1862 regatta nor header

NOR: The 1862 AAR  was the 22nd regatta held. The fourth race listed (in which Agnes competed) was advertised as having a silver cup as part of first prize.
Click on image to see the complete newspaper clip advertising the event.

Race report: The Auckland Southern Cross of 29th Jan 1862 carried the regatta race report.
This race was described as the race of the day and the winner Agnes (surviving a protest) was awarded a silver cup of 20 guineas value.
The full race report clip is available here

Coloured sketch of the 1862 Auckland Anniversary Regatta:

Frederick Rice Stack was a professional soldier who was ranked Major of Brigade when he arrived in Auckland, New Zealand in 1857 as a staff officer to Governor Wynyard. In New Zealand only until 1862, he is remembered for a series of sketches published in “Views in the Province of Auckland”, Stack produced a sketch of the 1862 Regatta.

Stack also left a hand written journal that gave more information about his work.

‘Drawn from nature’, according to the inscription, on the work, Stack’s depiction of the 1862 Auckland regatta looks across the Waitemata Harbour from a vantage point on the North Shore towards the houses of Parnell. The highest building on the skyline is the original St Mary’s Church (demolished in 1886). The two sailing ships areH.M.S. Miranda (left) and H.M.S. Fawn. The presence of these warships is noted in the newspaper clippings available on this page. Stack says that ‘the very unsettled state of the colony for nearly two years prevented the natives from joining with the Europeans in their amusements’, but ‘native tribe living near Auckland, on the Coromandel coast, was induced to bring their war-canoes and warriors to join with the Pakehas (or White Men)’ in the festivities of January 29th, 1862. The concept of competing for a cash prize, Stack tells us, was foreign to Māori sensibilities. Thus the canoeists ‘agreed among themselves beforehand that the amount of money gained as the prize was to be equally divided among them, in consideration of the labour endured by each individual in the exertion of his utmost strength’.

anniversary regatta 1862  B

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