New Zealand Classic Challenge Series 2010

Won by Wraith of Odin  in the inaugural year of the Challenge (2010)

In New Zealand each January and February  3 major events for classic yachts are held.

The Mahurangi Regatta dating from 1865
The Auckland Anniversary Regatta dating from 1840
The Southern Trust Classic Yacht Regatta  2000

In 2010 Elements of these 3 regatta were combined for the first time into a single competition “The Classic Challenge Series.”

classic  challange C

The Series has since been conducted annually  (2014 abandoned  due to cyclonic weather)
The Classic Challenge Series of 2010 consisted of 7 races.
  1. A passage night race from Auckland to Mahurangi, part of the Mahurangi Regatta (24 miles)
  2. A day passage race from Mahurangi back to Auckland, part of the Mahurangi Regatta
  3. The Auckland Anniversary regatta race.
  4. The four races of The Southern Trust Classic Yacht Regatta.

Keith Glover sailed in the New Zealand Classic Yacht Association’s classic regatta events of 2007, 2008, and 2009. He then entered Wraith of Odin in the 2010 Series.

Keith and his crew aboard Wraith of Odin enjoyed great success in the series to be overall winners.
A feat not repeated by any other Australian yacht.

Summary of results:

Race 1:                   Devenport Yacht club Night race, first on handicap and 2nd over the line.
Race 2:                   CYANZ Mahurangi to Auckland Race, 1st over the line.
Race 3:                   Auckland Anniversary Regatta A div, 1st presented with  “The Agnes Cup”.
Races 4-7:              The Southern Trust Classic Yacht Regatta, 2nd an handicap.

Full results here  Alden_tray_DE

At the presentation ceremony for the Classic challenge series  Wraith of Odin was awarded
First prize for the Series,(Division A)
“A division” winner of the Auckland Anniversary Regatta – The Agnes Cup
The “John G Alden Plate 2010″ for the highest placed “Split Rig” boat in the Series.
2nd in The Southern Trust Classic Yacht Regatta

For Keith, the Alden Plate trophy was especially significant and gratifying, given that Wraith of Odin  is an Alden design.
(thanks to Joyce Tablot of the CYANZ for assistance with images of the Alden Plate and assistance with compilation of CYANZ related information)




The Agnes Cup  and the Alden Plate

Keith summery of the passage over and the event was typically straightforward:

“It was an uncomfortable passage ( from Australia to New Zealand)  with a lot of green water over the decks and big confused seas, but given the way we were received and welcomed by the Kiwi’s classic yachting fraternity, and the results we were able to achieve, it was well worth the effort,”

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